Fund of Cultural Promotion in Ukraine

Зшиття країни 🇺🇦

Ліза Ясько започатковує культурну ініціативу Yellow Blue Strategy, яка допоможе краще почути як звучать наші серця у всіх регіонах України 💛

І розпочинає вона з кримськотатарської культури.

Тому перше відео - це пісня «Ey Güzel Qırım», яка дослівно перекладається «Гей, чарівний Криме”.

Текст пісні розповідає про тугу за батьківщиною. Це щем душі тих, у кого вкрали щастя – жити на рідній землі. І водночас пісня випромінює надію про повернення до Криму.


«Ey Güzel Qırım» - це другий, неофіційний гімн кримськотатарського народу. Це гімн свободи та символ любові й туги за рідною землею.


Вже з наступного тижня будуть нові відео музичного та культурного різноманіття нашої країни.



Yellow Blue Strategy is a fund for the cultural promotion of Ukraine and freedom


Mission of the fund: cultural integration of Ukraine and its promotion around the world. 

The organisation’s activities are directed towards supporting the cultural communication of the regions of Ukraine, and high quality, effective promotion of Ukraine abroad. 

In each of its corners, Ukraine shines brightly in different ways. The fund’s activities contribute to making Ukraine heard through active cultural diplomacy, and the development of modern artistic projects rooted in world contexts and trends. 

In addition to this, the fund’s activities are directed towards the development of young artists in representing Ukraine abroad. 


The Fund’s Projects:

  • International Freedom Orchestra: an orchestra of young Ukrainian musicians, which will be engaged in the promotion of Ukraine, a country where freedom is valued above all else. 

  • Yellow Blue Nights: evenings of Ukrainian art, networking and Ukrainian gastronomy. 

  • YBS Arts Travel Grants: a support programme for young artists in the promotion of their creativity abroad. 

  • Kyiv Music Labs: a series of educational videos and podcasts about Ukrainian music. 

  • Ukrainian Studies Week: an educational week for foreigners on Ukrainian history, politics and culture. 

In particular, the Yellow Blue Strategy fund will support artistic projects which share the missions of the fund.


Making A Difference



Creating value of events

From story telling events to concerts, from lectures, workshops to full arts event production, we believe in a power of events to connect and inspire people.

We develop various educational projects and lectures on connecting such topics as arts, creativity, politics, philosophy, economy, leadership etc. We also provide community and leadership support for individuals and groups.

"Creativity, open mind and professionalism along with diplomacy and ability to build dialogue is crucial on your way to change the world"

Lisa Yasko

Member of the Ukrainian Parliament
MPP, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford
Founder of Yellow Blue Strategy


Reminding about beauty of arts

We believe in the power of cultural dialogue and communication. Therefore, one of our goals is to produce and show our high class cultural products about Ukraine and the world.


Caring about intellectual potential

We strive to promote excellent education to empower human's potential and be an active agents of change. We develop and provide different trainings, educational services and lectures to help others to receive evidence based education and being able to engage in the world level intellectual discussion.



An orchestra of young Ukrainian musicians, which will be engaged in the promotion of Ukraine, a country where freedom is valued above all else. 


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